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Nicky Grist Stages

Saturday 10th July 2021


An event the size of the Nicky Grist Stages relies on a large team of dedicated enthusiasts to make it happen. The team is lead by Clerk of the Course Neil Cross, who has responsibility for planning the route and time schedule. Neil has ultimate responsibility for the running of the event and can answer your questions on regulatory matters. Neil is supported in this role by his brother and Deputy, Pete Cross – who is also the Safety Officer. Neil & Pete are supported by Andrew Kellitt, who helps run the rally from HQ, keeping an ever watchful eye on the event schedule and Paul Farley, who as the Spectator Safety Officer supports Pete in the management of the spectators and media out on the Stages

Helena Mayall is our new Event Secretary, having taken over from Susan Butcher who stepped down after many years in the role. Helena has responsibility for all the printing and production of the event paperwork. Helena also books all the HQ and accommodation required for the event.

Bob Cross rejoins the team as Entries Secretary taking over from Helena, Bob is the first point of contact with our competitors when they enter the event.

Ian Evans is our Chief Marshal and has the unenviable task of ensuring there are enough marshals, timekeepers and radio marshals out on the four stages and the service area to make the event  safe.

As far as competitors on the Nicky Grist Stages are concerned, their most important contact is the Competitor Liaison Officer (CLO) Simon Gronow. Simon has a wealth of experience in Rallying both as a Competitor and Organiser and should be the first point of call for any problems or queries competitors may have.

Please use the links below to contact these Senior Officials of the Rally.

A number of Key Officials have, after many years and valued service to the event, stepped down from their various roles. The Team are greatful for there hard work and dedication over their many years service. We are pleased that they all remain committed to the event and will be out and about supporting those that have stepped up to the challenges ahead.


If you need to get in touch with us then please use the links below:


If you need to get in touch with us then please use the links below: