The Nicky Grist Stags has had several titles since it started in 1980 as the Rallye D'Isis and then The Nicolet for a few years, and after their association it took on the organising clubs name and became the Quinton Stages. 

Eight years ago now Nicky came on board and the evnt changed its name to what is now the Nicky Grist Stages

An event of this size and prominance in Britsi Rallying needs an army of volunteers to help make the evnt run smoothly

If you are interested in rallying and haven't yet marshalled, this is your next step. You do not need to join a Motor Club (although you will probably do so eventually!) and it can be more rewarding to be part of a team. I bet you will get the bug and become a seasoned marshal, radio crew member, timekeeper, sector marshal or even stage commander some day!


Volunteer if you want to get close to the action; take some responsibility; help the event; get a sense of satisfaction for doing a good job AND receive gratitude, real and tangible, from the organisers. All you have to do is get in touch with me and commit yourself to a full day in the forests.

Please could those experienced marshals who come year after year relieve my panic by letting me know you are coming?

Many thanks

Ian Evans